• The calculators in Webcalculators are authoritative estate and tax planning and decision making calculators that provide instantaneous results from any computer, tablet, or smart phone with Internet access.

  • The calculators provided in Webcalculators are easy to use and include comprehensive explanations of the calculators including thorough explanations of why you would use the calculator, as well as the significance of each item of information requested on the screens and the legal and mathematical background for the results.

  • Webcalculators are a web-based version of calculations, some of which have been in use since 1985 so they are tried and perfected by lawyers, accountants, trust companies and thousands of estate, business and financial planners nationwide.

  • Webcalculators are always current.  Unlike windows-based software, there is nothing to install or upgrade.  As laws change, the calculators are updated.  The calculators are kept current and supported by highly trained tax and programming personnel.

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